The Farm

At Fazenda Boa Terra we are working hard to bring you some of the finest organically grown produce in the Madison area. We are an agronomist and an environmental scientist with years of farming experience at the forefront of sustainable farming practices. This means that our Certified Organic produce is grown in a way that blends the latest technologies and methods along with the tried and true: Preserving the integrity of our farmland and its wild places while being efficient enough to make it affordable to those that thought they could never enjoy organic food because of its price.

We have recently transplanted our farm from Minnesota to take on an amazing new venture working with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin Preservation Inc. and Otter Creek Organic Farm. After growing organic produce for over 10 years in New York and Minnesota we got tapped to lead this joint venture in historical land use restoration and educational farming with a focus on biological diversity. In these nascent years of the project we will be focusing on establishing the farm infrastructure and building community ties.

Taking the long view we are tasked with creating a model farm where we can teach beginning and advanced farmers alike along with consumers about efficient farming systems, equipment and investment strategies that are highly productive and profitable. We will do this through the development of a rigorous residential apprentice program, on farm workshops and agro-tourism while maintaining our core principals and environmental stewardship, long term sustainability, passion for nature and most importantly our love of the soil.

Never farmers to shy away from a challenge we are thrilled to be in the beautiful Wisconsin River Valley and we can't wait to explore its wonders and the stomping grounds of Aldo Leopold. But what excites us most is having a blank slate and dedicated partners in a venture where the possibilities are endless. There seems to be a future without limit and we are honored to be the farmers given the chance to take on this incredible project on such a spectacular piece of earth. We hope you will follow us along on this adventure.