What a Fazenda CSA share pickup looks like.

What a Fazenda CSA share pickup looks like.


What does Fazenda Boa Terra offer?

We offer a few different share options to to fit everyone’s needs including: Farmers Market Shares, and more traditional 20 and 10 week vegetable shares. We grow over 50 different vegetable crops and more than 150 different varieties, so there is always something new and exciting to try.

In addition to vegetables we also raise a limited number of pastured broiler chickens. The chickens are for sale on a first come first serve basis when they become available.

When and where do I pick up?

Spring Green: Saturday mornings at the Spring Green Farmers Market

What are my share options?

We offer three share options, a Family share, an every other week share and our Farmers Market Share

  • With Farmers Market Share, we keep the card with us so you don’t have to remember it each week to use at our farmers market stand from May - December. Never worry about missing a pickup, leaving town for vacation or sleeping in again. You get what you want when ever you make it to the market.

  • The Family Share is a normal full share at the full price with 20 weekly deliveries. June - October

  • The Every Other Week Share is a regular full share that you pickup every 2 weeks for 10 weeks. June - October

 How much will it cost?

  • Market Shares are priced at $290 for a $300 credit and $480 for a $500 credit.

  • Full Share is  $650 for the 2019 season.

  • An Every Other Week Share is $375 for the 2019 season.

What are my payment options?

When you enroll on-line you can pay by credit card or mail in a check by check.

About CSA

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) has gone through great evolution over the past 25 years or so since it arrived en force in the Unites States. It can be argued that the entire organic marketplace was built on the the back of the CSA model which brought certified organic produce in to millions of homes and supported thousands of family farms over the past few decades. While the types of shares, the branding and other options have changed a lot, one thing has fundamentally stayed the same about CSA. A CSA program is one in which a consumer becomes a member, or shareholder in a farm by investing in a share of the harvest annually. This provides the farmer with reliable income and insurance against the inevitable hardships and failures that will come to pass over a growing season. This income also comes early in the year before the harvest comes in which is when the expenses are highest. In return, as a member, you receive a share of the harvest throughout the year while supporting a local farmer (generally a family) that uses the best conservation practices, invests in their community and produces the highest quality and affordable food possible. Our farm is a member of the FairShare CSA Coalition which is a provides you additional advantages as a prospective CSA member. FairShare endorsed farms go through a strict vetting process in to make sure not just that the farm is certified organic, but also that the farmers have the management and farming experience to consistently deliver a valuable return on your investment. Read on to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of a FairShare endorsed farm.

Help Paying for Membership

We believe that everyone has the right to put to best food they can on the table for their family. As a FairShare CSA Coalition endorsed farm you have the opportunity to get some help covering the cost of your share of our farm’s harvest. You can even use EBT to help pay as well if you receive SNAP benefits. To learn more about getting a little help please visit Partner Shares. Funds are limited for please apply early.

Health Insurance Rebates

Because FairShare farms are strictly vetted for quality assurance, many area health insurance providers will reward your decision to eat healthy and eat local by providing you some savings on your insurance premiums. For more information on healthcare rebates please visit this website.