Farmer for Half a Day Share

Farmer for Half a Day Share


Would you like the opportunity to be a part of the farm team for a few hours per week? It can be a really rewarding experience to get your hands dirty, really get a feel for what it takes to grow a CSA share and to contribute a bit of yourself to supporting your local food system. If you are able to come out and help on the farm a few hours a week and be a part of the team you will be rewarded with all the fresh veggies you can eat during the CSA season and a truly unique and valuable experience. Continue reading below for more information and email us at if you are interested in a Farmer Share.

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Signing up for this option is both a responsibility and a commitment so it is really important to that you are able to commit to 2-4 hours per week for a total of 40 hours over the season in exchange for a share. If you think this option is for you please email us at to get more information.


What are the days of the week and hours?

  • Regular work hours MTRF between 8am-4pm

    • We may offer Wednesday as well but that is somewhat dependent on whether or not anyone is at the farm while we are at the Wednesday farmers market in Madison.

What about Saturday?

  • We may do some Saturday work parties but much like Wednesday most Saturdays there will be noone here while we are at farmers market.

Sunday then?

  • No, we do not work on Sunday.

Can I work independently or unsupervised?

  • The broad answer to this question is no. Perhaps with a very dedicated volunteer that proves a high level of competence and inspires trust over time we could consider some independent or unsupervised shifts such at Wednesday or weekend work but in general we are going for team work.

Who will I be working with?

  • We will if possible try to schedule as many people together to make a more social atmosphere and as they say ‘many hands make light work’. This of course is somewhat dependent on how many people sign up and having peoples schedules line up. At the very least you will be working one on one with one of your farmers.

Can I bring my pet?

  • No

Can I bring my kid?

  • Maybe. The farm can be dangerous place which can make it unsuitable for kids. In an ideal world we would have enough people able to come out to the farm that a group of kids under adult supervision would have great opportunities for unstructured play time and discovery. Farm recess is you will, while their moms and/or dads are working. We would love to see this happen and if you think you could help us pull it off please reach out to us and lets talk about it. Otherwise we would evaluate it on a case by case basis based on a few questions such as: can your child help as part of the farm team? Can they safely entertain themselves on the periphery? Will they be distracting or require so much supervision that you are effectively unable to meet your commitment to the farm? Are you OK with other farm members or farm staff reprimanding your child if they they are putting themselves in an unsafe position or hindering the farm work? We think that the farm can be an amazing place for children to explore, discover and learn a bit about hard work too and we really do want children to be a part of magic and if we can do that safely and productively we hope to create those opportunities.

Are there any other perks beyond veggies and good vibes?

  • For weekday shifts we should be able to provide lunch.